SOLVED a disc read error occurred press CTRL ALT DEL to restart Windows Forum

For example, it can give you a clue if this was due to a system or application problem. The Security log captures events when an account has been granted elevated privileges. Several different event IDs correspond to privilege assignment events, but event ID 4672 is for special privilege assignments. In this example, a user has been granted Local Administrator privilege. The details show the new privilege, who granted it, and the group where the account was added. Well-written applications also log authentication failure events.

  • You can also uncheck thePrevious Windows Installation checkbox and click OK.
  • During the installation, you can choose whether to install boot options and which to install.
  • Then the reason behind windows lives mail not responding error.

After selecting a hard drive, navigate to the list of partitions to specify the location of the selected hard drive. In the past few days, some of our users have encountered an error while reading their VMware hard drive. By following the clear-cut steps discussed in this article, How to fix A Disk Read Error Occurred Windows 10.


The script could be something on a web page you’re accessing, in an extension you installed, or even Firefox itself. At the bottom of the Copy File window, there is a box that says, Do this for the next 13 conflicts. Each file uploaded in the cloud is scanned automatically using the Windows Defender anti-malware engine.

By following very specific steps for the different versions of IIS deployed, users can find log files. For example, you might look at a timestamp to figure out how many access requests arrive per hour to measure traffic patterns. You could look at the user agent to find out if particular users are logging in to a website to access a database or create content.

What causes Script errors?

Place the computer in a clean boot state, then check if it helps. You can start Windows by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs. A clean boot helps eliminate software conflicts. Generally speaking, a script error means that a certain line of code contains incorrect computer instruction.

I did try to find a way to export the three entries as a .reg file for you but I couldn’t. WOW, Wow thank you I checked above and changed two to value 1 and it WORKS. Right click within the registry & choose ‘New’ then DWORD Value. If you need to download Windows Live Essentials to reinstall it then let me know. Live Mail 2012 Screwed Up After v2004 Update you add or change the registry entries.


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